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Express Engine Great Western Railway

Speed of Mining Cages

Pulverizing Machines

Making a Street Cable

Kapok: A New Fiber

Steel Stern Wheel Steamer

New Channel Steamer Victoria

Improved Doubling Winding Frame

A Mercurial Air Pump

By J. T. Bottomley

Improved Method of Spindle Driving

The Geology of the Atlantic

The Directions of Development the True Indications of Character

By J. W. Redfield

Carl Wilhelm Scheele

Outlines of a New Atomic Theory

By T. L. Phipson

A New Thermopile

Propagation of Light

By J. H. Poynting and E.F.J. Love

Production of Nickel

On the Connection between Chemical Constitution and Physiological Action

By Thomas Lauder Brunton

The Bloomery

Improved Ensilage Press

The Value of Ensilage

The Clammy Columbine


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October 30, 1886