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Military Ballooning Evolutions in France

Torpedo Balloons

Russian Toboggan Slides

The Colonial and Indian Exhibition, London

Gruneberg's Apparatus for the Manufacture of Sulphate of Ammonia

By Watson Smith

Manufacture of Bows and Arrows among the Natano (Hupa) and Kenuck (Klamath) Indians

Scientific Recreations

Effects of Light and Soap on Colors

Printed anilin blacks


Petroleum Illumination

By William R. King

The “Saddle Sulky”

Cement for Iron Pipe Joints

Flow of Water through Pipes

Improved Embossing Machine

Robson's Improved Gas Hammer

Effect of Electric Light upon the Eyes, after Careful Investigations of the Subject

By J. Alfred Andrews

The Velo-Porphyr, a New Pharmaceutical Apparatus

By B. Giraud

The Social Waste of a Great City

By L. L. Seaman

On Some Probable New Elements

By Alexander Pringle


By Russell Thayer

Pressure Exerted by Water in the Soil

The Palm and its Varieties

By W. H. D. A.

How to Raise Seedling Strawberries


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    November 06, 1886

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism