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An Interview with M. Chevreul, the Centenarian

The Disaster at the Crarae Quarries

Manchester Jubilee Exhibition


On Combustion With Special Reference To Practical Requirements

By Frederick Siemens

Chain Casting

The Process Employed in Casting Brass Chains in Jeypore, Rajputana *

By C. Purdon Clarke

On the Casting of Chains in Solid Steel

By M. Ferd Gautier

Bleaching with Chlorine Gas

The Making of Rubber Stamps

History of the Anilin Manufacturing Process

Bourseul's Telephone of 1854

How to make a Medical Coil with Primary and Secondary Circuits and Regulators to Both

By S. R. Bottone

An Inexpensive Air Pump

By Geo. M Hopkins

Apparatus for Evaporating sea Water in Vacuo, S.S. Bentinck

The New Element, Germanium

Stellar Photography

Disinfection by Heat

The Treatment of Constipation

By Henry M. Field

Cellulose in Tuberculosis

The Purification of Air

An Experimental Study in Relation to the Removal from the Air of the Dust or Particulate Material Supposed to Produce Yellow Fever, Small-Pox, and Other Infectious Diseases

By D. Prince

A New Theory of Coal Formation

The Hot Springs of the Yellowstone Region


By Frank Calvert

The Earthquake at Charleston

The Rearing of Turkeys

By Henry Stewart

Metallic Volcano Dust

The Lattice Leaf Plant


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November 27, 1886

Confronting Common Wisdom