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H. M. S. Benbow

Buenos Ayres Port and Harbor

Maxim's Machine Gun

Hydrodynamic Pump

Steam Boilers with Gasogene Furnaces

An Air Gun

A Sulphite Paper Pulp Mill

The Lucigen

Magnesian Cements

The Bathymeter

Education in Handicraft

New Use for the Radiometer

An Ellipsograph

Gadot's Accumulator

The Electrical Transmission of Energy

Progress of Electric Motors

By T. C. Robbins

Electric Lighting and Aerial Wires

By C. C. Haskins

Electrical Smoke Condenser

Improved Street Lamp

Electric Communication without Wires

By A. E. Dolbear

Distribution of the Nitrifying Organism in the Soil

By R. Warington

The Society of Chemical Industry

Domestic Electricity

Fluorescence of the Compounds of Bismuth Exposed to the Electric Effluve in a Vacuum

On Fermentations and Bacteria

By W. Bernhardt

Experiments on the Circulation of the Blood

By Mosso

A Ramble in the Field of Etymology

Ceropegias and their Culture

The Past History of the Species of the Existing Flora

Address to the Biological Section

By William Carruthers

The Motions of the Earth

Nodon's Gelatine Hygrometer


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    Patents - December 11, 1886

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