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Von Miller's Statue of Columbus for St. Louis

The Manufacture of Terra Cotta and Encaustic Tiles

Victoria Jubilee Tower

The First Project for a One Thousand Foot Tower

Olympia, West Kensington

Our Building Stone Supply

By George P. Merrill

Starch and the Starching Process as Practiced in Laundries

Improved Tea Drier

Lantern Transparencies on Wet Collodion

Experimental Ballooning

By Fred. W. Brearey

A Long Pipe

South Boston Steel Works

The Radcliffe Steel Furnace

Electric Speed Indicator

New Galvanometer

New use for the Microphone

Telephone Relays

The Action of Hydrochloric Acid Gas upon Certain Metals

On Electrolytic Conductivity

By Bouty

The Isolation of Fluorine

A Lecture Experiment on the Expansion of Solids by Heat


By E. Duclaux

Absorption Tubes for the Estimation of Carbonic Acid in Atmospheric or Ground Air

By Thomas C. Van Nuys

The Risks of Transatlantic Steamships

How to Ride a Russian Horse

Washington Anthropological Society, Meeting of November 16, 1886

The Distribution of the Minor Planets

By Daniel Kirkwood

An Open Air Silo

Insects on Fruit Trees

The Great Horse Tail

(Equisetum Telmateia.)


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    Patents - January 22, 1887

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