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The British Life Saving Rocket Service

The Meigs Elevated Railway

Improved Gas Fire

The Gas Companies of America

By Wm. W. Goodwin

An Apparatus for Maintaining Constant Temperatures up to 600° F

By G. H. Bailey

Photography of Moving Objects, and the Study of Animal Movement by Chrono-Photography

By E. J. Marey

The New Sextuplex Telegraph

Gray's Standard Galvanometer

The Colors of Metals and Alloys

By W. Chandler Roberts-Austen

Influence of Change

The Fading of Water Colors

Soap Bubbles

The Muir Glacier

By G. Frederick Wright

Glaze for Albumen Prints

Method of Breaking Glass Tube

By Ernst Beckmann

Necklaces of Hazelnuts


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February 05, 1887

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