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A New Torpedo Boat

Sibley College Lectures.—1886-87

By the Cornell University Non-Resident Lecturers in Mechanical Engineering.” IV.-Steam Boiler Explosions.

By J. M. Allen

Asphalt Masonry for Engine Beds

Electrical and Mechanical Units

Copying Drawings by Chemical Process

By Robert Marshall

The Jordan Finisher, and the Manufacture of Paper

Plotting Natural Curves

Oil of Peppermint

By Albert M. Todd

Apparatus for Obtaining the Density of Solids

Boracic Acid, Borax, and their Uses

Action of Manganese on the Phosphorescent Power of Calcium Carbonate

By Edmond Becquerel

Soft Steel—A New Type of Fixed Converter

By George Hatton

Chlorine in Rain Water

By Edward Kinch

Crystals in Whisky

Water, in some of its Physical and Chemical Aspects

By Thomas Newbigging

New Spectroscope

Source of the Mississippi River

The Stanley Expedition for the Relief of Emin Pasha

Astronomical Telescopes: Their Object Glasses and Reflectors

By G. D. Hiscox

How to make Colorless Specimens of Plants to be Preserved in Alcohol

The Tulip Tree, Whitewood, American or Yellow Poplar

Inflammable Breath

Shropshire Sheep


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February 19, 1887