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The Phosphates of Picardy

Heliography, or the Actinic Copying of Engineering Drawings

By B. H. Thwaite

The Welsbach Incandescent Gas Burner

Deterioration of Bleaching Powder

The Explosive “Kinetite”

North American Carriage Woods

Zinc Rollers for Calico Printing

Fast Black for Yarn Dyeing

Pyrometers for Porcelain Kilns

Filter Presses for Sewage Sludge

Butter Colors

By H. B. Cornwall

Plush with a Waved Surface

Single Rail Railways

Machine for Elbowing Sheet Iron Pipes

The Steamer Great Eastern

Improved Electro-Metallurgical Process

Working Old Steel

The Wimshurst Electrical Machine

The Inventor

A Toy Electric Railway

Ferric Chloride as an Exciting Agent

By H. N. Warren


Gases from New Woolen Goods

Solidified Oils

By C. R. Alder Wright

The Velocity of Light in Air and Refracting Media

Gastric Digestion in the Horse

By H. Goldschmidt

Health and Longevity

By J. R. Buchanan

Dangers of Water Gas

Volcanic Eruption of Silver

On The Occurrence of Silver in Volcanic Ash from the Eruption of Cotopaxi of July 22 and 23, 1885 *ast;

By J. W. Mallet

The Sun's Heat

The Eskimo

Vegetable Products of East Africa

Browning of Steel and Iron

What Sorts of Wheat shall we Cultivate?

By F. Schindler

Globe Flowers


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    Patents - March 12, 1887

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