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The Retiro Viaduct

Firing Trial of the 110 Ton B. L. Elswick Gun

Sea-Going Torpedo Boats

Gas Engine for use on Railroads

Western North Carolina Location over the Blue Ridge

New Gasholder at Erdberg

George W. Whistler, C.E.

By G. L. Vose

Experiments in Toning Gelatino Chloride Paper

Printing Lantern Pictures by Artificial Light on Bromide Plates from Various Sizes

By A. Pumphrey

George Washington Whistler

Notes on Garment Dyeing

The “Sensim” Preparing Box

Fuel and Smoke

By Oliver Lodge

Studies in Pyrotechny

The Anti-Friction Conveyer

A New Mercury Pump

Tar for Firing Retorts

Improvement in Laying out Frames of Vessels—The Frame Tracer

By Gustave Sonnenburg

A Newly Discovered Substance in Urine

Varying Cylindrical Lens

By Tempest Anderson

The Laws of the Absorption of Light in Crystals

By H. Becquerel

The Filtration and the Secretion Theory

The Electro-Magnetic Telephone Transmitter

On Electro-Dissolution, and its use as Regards Analysis

By H. N. Warren

Furnace for Decomposing Chloride of Magnesium

History of the World's Postal Service

Chilled Cast Iron

On Nickel Plating

By Thomas T. P. Bruce Warren

Elimination of Poisons


Snow Hall


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    March 26, 1887

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