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New British Torpedo Experiments

The Falke Type Torpedo Boat

The German Navy—The New Gunboat Eber

Magazine Rifles

An English Car Coupling

Kent's Torsion Balance

Preservative Liquid

Link Belting

By Chas. A. Schieren

Recent Progress in Gas Engineering

A New Process of Casting Iron and other Metals upon Lace, Embroideries, Fern Leaves, and other Combustible Materials

By A. E. Outerbridge

Bricks and Brickwork

By T. Roger Smith

The New British Coinage and Jubilee Medal

Phenomena of Alternating Currents

By Elihu Thomson

Photographic Study of Stellar Spectra, Harvard College Observatory

Henry Draper Memorial

The Winner of the Derby


The Falls of Gairsoppa

Building Plans and Specifications

Herbet's Tepid Douche

How to make a Star Finder


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    Patents - July 9, 1887

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