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Jean Baptiste Boussingault

The Air of the Sea

The Severn and Mersey Tunnels

Automatic Signals on the Boston and Albany Railway

The Italian Cruiser Dogali

An Artificial Earthquake

The Martin Anchor

Circular Saws and Band Saws

A New Purifier

Sir William Thomson's New Electric Measuring Instruments

Standard Electric Balances

Concentration of Sulphuric Acid at the Manchester Exhibition

Studies on Dynamo Electric Machines

Genius not a Neurosis

By Jas. G. Kiernan

The “Snake Man,” Buttner-Marinelli

Some of the Conditions Affecting the Distribution of Micro-Organisms in the Atmosphere

By Percy F. Frankland

The Constant of Aberration

Spring Migration in Central New York for 1887

By E. M. Hasbrouck

The Albino Bear in the Zoological Garden at Dresden

How to can Asparagus

Building Plans and Specifications


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July 30, 1887