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Experiments on Aerial Vortices and Revolving Spheres

The Eccentricities and inclinations of the Asteroidal Orbits

By Daniel Kirkwood

A Solar Watch

From La Nature

Apropos of Hygrometers

Henry's Macro-Micrometer

Curiosities of Aerostation

The Bijou Panorama

Asphaltum and the Pitch Lake of Trinidad

Attack Formations

Dog Racing at Brussels

The Western Terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway

A New Danish Ironclad

Breaks in a Reservoir

Combined Traction Engine and Crane

Improvement of the Mississippi River

Papyrotint—A New Photo. Printing Process

The Gatmell Excavator

Sibley College Lectures.-1886-87

By the Cornell University Non-Resident Lecturers in Mechanical Engineering Vl.—Costs in Manufactures.

By Henry Metcalfe

Hand ice making machine

Metallic Thermometer, Fernais' System

New Gas Generating Blast Lamp and Blowpipe

Manufacture of Cotton Threads

The Electro Deposition of Iron

By W. Chandler Roberts Austin

Military Velocipedists

A New Interrupter

An Electric Vender

Apparatus for Measuring Electric Currents

New Apparatus for Illustrating Foucaults Currents

By A. Von Waltenhofen

Removal of Papilloma, Pigmentary Moles, and Superfluous Hair

Convex Paper Cylinders


Low Temperatures

Building Plans and Specifications


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    Patents - August 6, 1887

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