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Stables with Horizontal Floors

A Proposed Government Breeding Farm for Cavalry Horses

By S. C. Robertson

Overproduction Discussed

By F. Stark

A Great Windmill

Passing One River under Another

Doubling Winding Frame

A Continuous Electric Train

On the Theory of Units

By G. Szarvady

Eastern Swords and Daggers

Improved Filtering Funnels

By B. Nickels

Detection of Leakage from Gas Mains

The Welsbach Incandescent Gas Light

The Present State of Our Knowledge Regarding Localization in the Cortex Cerebri

By Carter Gray

Recent Advances in Preventive Medicine

By George H Rohe

The Genesis of “Bright's Disease”

By J.Milner Fothergill

The Cutaneous Punch

A Gigantic Tree

A Voyage to the Moon

By O. G. Mason

The Action of Ferric Sulphate on Iron

By Albert E. Menke

Action of Zinc Chloride on Castor Oil

Building Plans and Specifications

Carmine Solution


Specific Gravity of Lime Water


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August 13, 1887

Confronting Common Wisdom