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Foundations of the Great Tower at Paris

The Nine Hundred and Eighty-Four Foot Tower at Paris

English Saloon Railway Carriage

The Preservation of Railway Ties and Timber by the Use of Antiseptics

By Joseph P. Card

Apparatus for Testing Beer and Other Liquids

New Process of Metal Working of Messrs. N. De Benardos and S. Olszewski

Formula for the Development of Paper Negatives

The Locograph

Fifty Years' Progress in Telegraphy

By W. H. Preece

The Melograph and Melotrope

New Driving Gear for Dynamos

Microscopical Researches into the Cause, Origin, and Propagation of Diphtheria

By Carl Bunsen

Daniel E. Salmon, D.V.M.

Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry

The Work of the International Congress of Geologists

By G. K. Gilbert

What American Zoologists have done for Evolution

By Edward S. Morse

Poultry Notes

The African Diamond Mines

Building Plans and Specifications


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    Patents - August 20, 1887

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