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Loeb's Respirators

The Elevated Railroads of New York

Steel Railway Sleeper

Hydraulic Governor Brake

The Raising of Bauer's Submarine Boat

The Gas Balance: An Apparatus for the Automatic Determination of the Specific Gravity and Composition of Gas

By Friedrich Lux

Temperature Indicator for Machines

The Self-Registering Tide Gauge of R. Fuess

Chinese Plank Sawing

Centrifugal Extractors

By Robert F. Gibson

Photographing a Bullet in Flight

Photo-Engraving Processes

The “Wash-Out” Process

Progress of Metallurgy in 1886

The Jubilee of the Telegraph

Printing by Electricity

Musical Bells

Potting the Strawberry

By Charles A. Green

Dr. Corning's System of Administering Cocaine in Painful Nervous Affections

Spencer Fullerton Baird

The Parietal Eye in Fishes

Some Important Discoveries in the Life- History of the Hop Plant Louse

(Phorodon humuli, Schrank)

By C. V. Riley

How to make an Incubator

Building Plans and Specifications


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    Patents - September 24, 1887

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Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

Solving the Water Crisis