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New Floating Dock

Ship Waves

The Comparative Value of Steam and Hot Water for Transmitting Heat and Power

Large and Small Locomotives

The New One Hundred and Ten Ton Gun

Petroleum Fuel

“Rapid” Open Hearth Steel Plant

Sand for Glass

By George W Ardman

Apparatus for Testing Oils

On Red and Purple Chloride, Bromide, and Iodide of Silver; on Heliochromy and on the Latent Photographic Image

By M. Cary Lea

A New arrangement of Hydraulic Main

Practical Photography

The Velocity of Propagation of Flame

By Lewis T. Wright

Experiments on the “Mechanical Equivalent of Heat” on a Large Scale

By E. A. Cowper and W. Anderson

Improved Electric Pendulum

The Japanese Magic Mirror

By R.F. Hutchinson

The Mix and Genest Microphone

A New Heliograph

By Thomas H. Blakesley

The Ba-Yanzi

The International Yacht Race

A Patient's Account of the Pasteur Treatment

Renanthera Lowi

Color Blindness among Railroad Employes

By William Thomson

A Plant Heliostat

Building Plans and Specifications


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    Patents - October 15, 1887

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