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The Great Tower of the French Exhibition

Leaves from the Note Book of a Milling Engineer

Water in Channels

“Speeding Up”

By James F. Hobart

Method of Coaling Ships at Sea

By Reginald G. O. Tupper

Flexible Crank and Propeller Shafting for Marine Propulsion

By J. F. Hall

Fifty of the Best Points in the Manufacture of Flour by the Millstone System

By “Excelsior No. 1. ”

Textile Machinery at the Manchester Royal Jubilee Exhibition

Capping Flowing Wells

Transmission of Power by Belting

On Red and Purple Chloride, Bromide, and Iodide of Silver; On Heliochromy and on the Latent Photographic Image

By M. Cary Lea

The Part Electricity Plays in Crystallization


Phosphorized Silver

By H. N. Warren

Freezing Water by the Evaporation of Ether

Oil Emulsions

Plant Analysis as an Applied Science

By Helen C. De S. Abbott

A Home of Rest for Horses

Influence of Scientific and Industrial Progress

By Werner Siemens

Iris Susiana

Quick Process of Cider Vinegar Making

Leaf Prints

Building Plans and Specifications

How to make Jelly

Apple Jelly

Mountain Ash Berries


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October 22, 1887

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