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Human Life

Prince Ch'un

A Sailing Boat of New Guinea

New Guinea Exploration

British North Borneo

The Republic of Counani

The Landslip at Zug

Sub-Surface Water Supplies

By W. P. Trowbridge

The Applications of Photography in Astronomy

By David Gill

The Clove Tree

The Cultivation of the Castor Oil Plant

The Herkomer School

The Blair Crossing Bridge

Stern Wheel Steamer for the River Magdalena

Castings in Metal from Carbonized Fabrics

The Austro-Hungarian Torpedo Catcher Meteor

Improved Steam Oven

Improved Duplex Gas Generator

The Part Played by Electricity in Crystallization

Danger from Lightning

By A. E. Dolbear

On a Partial Separation of the Constituents of a Solution during Expansion by Rise of Temperature

By J. W. Mallet

Saccharine: The new Sweet Product from Coal Tar

By Constantin Fahlberg

Mania and Inebriety

By T. D. Crothers

Plant Analysis as an Applied Science

By Helen C. De S. Abbott

Building Plans and Specifications


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November 12, 1887