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The Compound Steam Turbine

Hargreaves' Thermo-Motor

An Investigation into the Internal Stresses Occurring in Cast Iron and Steel

By Nicholas Kalakoutzky

Elements of Architectural Design


By H. H. Statham

Progress of the Sorghum Sugar Industry

The Lowe Incandescent Gas Burner

The Menges Thermo-Magnetic Generator and Motor


By C. S. Hallberg

Observations on Atmospheric Electricity

By L. Weber

Cold Storage for Potatoes

On a Method of making the Wave Length of Sodium Light the Actual and Practical Standard of Length

By Albert A. Michelson and Edward W. Morley

A Fivefold Comet

An Apparatus for Preparing Sulphurous, Carbonic, and Phosphoric Anhydrides

By H. N. Warrex

The Isolation of Fluorine

The Arrangement of Atoms in Space in Organic Molecules

Great Warmth in Paper


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