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On the Action of Boston Water on Certain Sorts of Service Pipe

By Wm. Ripley Nichols and L. K. Russell

War Balloons

The Arch

A New Method of Stocking and Reloading Coal

Fuel Gas and Incandescent Gas Lighting

Economy of incandescent gas lighting

By Chas. M. Lungren

The “Hetherington” Saw

Largeron's Anti-Dip Arrangement

A Multiple Magnesium Light

American Mill Methods—A Popular Description of how Flour is Made at the Present Time

By Louis H. Gibson

Electric Transmission of Energy

The Telephonic Bullet Probe

By John Harvey Girdner

Electrical Welding

The Great Telescopes of the World; Their Construction, Powers and Limitations

By John K. Reks

An Improved Altazimuth Mounting

The Chemistry of Substances Taking Part in Putrefaction and Antisepsis

By John Thomson

Reading of Dial Instruments

Alumina as a Natural Constituent of Wheat Flour

By W. C. Young

The Manufacture of Cocaine

The Cure of Deaf-Mutism

On a New Method of Examining Butter

By Thomas T. P. Bruce Warren

A Floating Candle

Some Suggested Changes in the Patent Laws


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March 03, 1888

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