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Listowel and Ballybunion Railway, County Kerry, Ireland

The Lartigue Railway in Kerry

The Six Inch Longridge Wire Gun

Estrade's High Speed Rolling Stock

Heating Cities by Steam

By Charles E. Emery

Engraving Machine

Manganese Steel and its Properties

English China, or Tender Porcelain

Practical Hints on Water Color por Trait Painting over Photographic Enlargements

By E. W. Currier

Timber, and Some of its Diseases

By H. Marshall Ward

A Rotary Thermometer

Oil of Camphor and Oil of Sunflower

By C. T. kingzett

Examination of Cascara Sagrada (Rhamnus Purshiana)

The Infectious Nature of Boils—Case of Pneumonia Due to the Parasite of Furunculus

By Ernest Chambard

The Present Position Of Toxicology

By J. O. Arnold

Pulmonary Consumption—Apex Expansion versus Pure air

By Thomas J. Mays

Dye Woods of the Argentine Republic

Electric Megascope

The Akkas, a Pygmy Race from Central Africa

Evolution in Civilized Man

On the Number of Dust Particles in the Atmosphere

The Oued Rir'

Tobacco Cultivation in Mexico

Putrefactive Organisms

An Application of Static Electricity

Artificial Silk


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April 07, 1888

Confronting Common Wisdom