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The Crown Prince of Germany—Prince William and his Son

General F. Perrier

The President's Annual Address to the Royal Microscopical Society

Inquiries regarding the Incubator

By P. H. Jacobs

The Peak of Teneriffe

Estrade's High Speed Locomotive


By John Lundie

Machine Designing

By John E. Sweet

The Mechanics of a Liquid

Volute Double Distilling Condenser

Improved Current Meter

The Flower Industry of Grasse

Analysis of a Hand Fire Grenade

By Chas. Catlett and R. C. Price

Molecular Weights

How to make Photo Printing Plates

The Direct Optical Projection of Electro-Dynamic Lines of Force and other Electro-Dynamic Phenomena

II. loops.

By J. W. Moore


Artificial Mother for Infants


How to Catch and Preserve Moths and Butterflies

The Clavi Harp

The Argand Burner

The Subterranean Temples of India

Timber, and some of its Diseases

By H. Marshall Ward

Building Plans and Specification


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April 28, 1888

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism