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The Importance of Cleaning Wheat

By R. James Abernathky

The Manufacture of Dolls at Paris

Latent Cold

Highly Volatile Liquids for Propulsion

By A. F. Yarrow

A New Method of Rolling Tubes

An Improved form of Gas Apparatus

By J. T. Willard

Boiler Explosion at the Friedenshutte

A Recent Improvement in the Platino type Process

By W. Willis

Machine for Manufacturing Beton and Mortars

The Lookout Mountain Inclined Railway

The Pneumatic Dynamite Gun

A Luminous Heat below the Red

E. Raub's New Thermo-Electric Battery

By G. Betz

A New Pattern of Reflecting Galvanometer with Lamp and Scale

By G. L. Addenbrooke

Imperial Quicksilver Mines at Idria, Austria

C. R. Agnew, M.D.

Wasted Sunbeams—Unused House Tops

By M. Smith

Remedy for Ivy Poisoning

Emin Bey (Dr. Schnitzler), Governor of the Provinces of the Equator

The Great American Pyramid and Ruined Cities of Arizona and New Mexico

Economy of Nature

Tuxpan, Mexico

The Ptomaines

By A. P. Luff

Preserving Blood in Fluid State

The Chemical Examination of Resins


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    Patents - May 12, 1888

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