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The One Hundred and Twenty Ton Shears of the Port of Marseilles

The Distribution of Hydraulic Power in London

Test of a Wrought Iron Double Track Floor Beam

By Alfred P. Boller

Timber, and Some of its Diseases

By H. Marshall Ward

Hydraulic Tube Press

Sibley College Lectures.—1887-88

By The Cornell University Non-Resident Lecturers In Mechanical Engineering

By C. J. H. Woodbury

Scientific Apparatus at the Manchester Royal Jubilee Exhibition

Improved Torpedo Boat

Future Prospects for Gas Companies

By Thos. Wood

Colored Photography

The Application of Electricity to Lighting and Working

By W. H. Preece

Effect of Chlorine on the Electromotive Force of a Voltaic Couple

By D. G. Gore

Sanitation in Massachusetts

The Care of the Eyes

By David Webster

The Wimshurst Influence Machine

Tumors of the Bladder

Diagnosed by Means of the Electro-Endoscopic Cystoscope

By Max Nitze

Distance and Constitution of the Sun

Papillomatous Tumor of the Bladder, Demonstrated by Means of Lister's Electro-Cystoscope

By F. N. Otis

The Common Dandelion

By Frederick Leroy Sargent

Changes in the Stellar Heavens

By J. E. Gore

Systematic Relations of Platypsyllus, as determined by the Larva

By C. V. Riley

On a Theory Concerning the Sudden Loss of Magnetic Properties of Iron and Nickel

By H. Tomlinson

The Spectra of Oxygen

Poison of the Somalis, Extracted from the Wood of the Ouabaio


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    Patents - June 2, 1888

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