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The Panama Ship Canal

A New Fluviatile Motor

History of the Hardie Compressed Air Locomotives

Timber, and Some of its Diseases

By H. Marshall Ward

Mica Mining in North Carolina

By Wm. B. Phillips

Notes on the Rock Salt Mines of Petite Anse, Louisiana

By H. Carrington Bolton

Effect of Chlorine on the Electromotive Force of a Voltaic Couple

By G. Gore

The Minimum Point of Change of Potential of a Voltaic Couple

By G. Gore

Sir John Pender, K.C.M.G.

Electrical Barometer

Combined Morse Ink Writer and Sounder

Standards of Light

Intensities of Light

Photo-Zincographic Engravings

The Manufacture of Hydrogen

The Manufacture of Glass


Dr. Vettin's Wind Vane

Electric Acupuncture

Transplantation of Nerve from the Rabbit to Man

Six Weeks in Southern Mindanao

By J. B. Steere

The River Doce, Brazil

A Simple form of Apparatus for Generating Gases

By G. Stillingfleet Johnson

Stellar Photography

By Edward S. Holden

Hundredth Anniversary of the Linnean Society, London

Determination of Total Solids and Fat in Milk And Butter by Means of Woody Fiber

By F. Gantter

A New Gataloiue of Valuable Paters

Building Plans and Specifications

Useful Engineering Books


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July 28, 1888

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