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British Naval Maneuvers

George Rogers Clark

The Hydraulic Elevator at Les Fontinettes

Four Hundred Miles in Eight Hours

Retort Setting for Small Gas Works

By J. Robb

Beet Sugar and its Industry

By Gustav Gehring

Regenerative Furnaces for Small Gas Works

By John Smith

Electro-Chemical Radiophone

The Practical Applications of Electricity

By William Henry Preece

Restoring Faded Photo. Prints

Novel Magnesium Lamp and Reflector

Description of an Underground Conduit

By Alex. Crawford Chenoweth

The Brittleness Induced in Iron by Pickling

By A. Ledebur

Electrical Conductivity of Metals

The Iron and Coal Mines of Alabama

Timber, and some of its Diseases

By H. Marshall Ward

The Lick Observatory

By Edward S. Holden

The Rattle of the Rattlesnake

By Samuel Garman

Building Plans and Specifications

Detection of Fahlberg's Saccharine in Articles of Food

The Oil of the Seeds of Jatropha Curcas

The Poisonous Snakes of the Bombay Presidency


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September 29, 1888

Confronting Common Wisdom