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Opening of the Melbourne Exhibition

Notes on Technical Education

The Reason and Purpose of Technical Education

By Robert H. Thurston

The Sault Ste. Marie Canals

Gasholders without upper Guide Framing

By Thomas Newbigging

A Steam Water Wheel

New Transcaspian Railway to Samarkand

Shallenberger Alternating Current Meter

Electric Welding

By Otis K Stuart

Photograph of a Lightning Flash, Taken at Wakefield, Mass

Protection of Watches against Magnetism

By C. J. H. Woodbury

Improved Apparatus for Testing and Analyzing Gaseous Mixtures

On the Reducing Action of Hydrogen in Presence of Platinum

By Stephen Cooke

Scientific Development of the Photographic Image

By John Carbutt

The Rusting of Iron

On the Chemical Processes Involved in the Rusting of Iron

By A. Crum Brown and E. Edinburgh

Lake Warren

The Variable Star Algol

For Star Gazers

The Means Employed by Butterflies of the Genus Basilarchia for the Perpetuation of the Species

By Samuel Hubbard Scudder

The California Gray Whale

(Rhacheanectes glaucus, Cope.)

By John Dean Caton

The Chimpanzee

Flowering Trees and Shrubs

By W. Goldring

Alimentary Aquatic Plants

By P. L. Simmonds

The Rejuvenescence of Old Trees

How to make a Tennis Lawn

Notes on the Germicidal Action of Peroxide of Hydrogen

By H. Gifford


Pistacia lentiscus, L

By John R Jackson

Building Plans and Specifications

The Contaminating Well

Useful Engineering Books

A New Catalogue of Valuable Papers


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    Patents - October 20, 1888

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