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Royal Mail Steamship Roslin Castle

The Rocket Launch Eureka

Sodom Dam—New York Water Supply


By Hanford Henderson

Radii of Curvature Geometrically Determined

By C. W. MacCord

A Note on Hydroquinone Development

By J. B. Payne

The Positive Cyanotype Process

Or Method of Reproducing With Dark Lines on a Clear Ground Fac-Simile Copies of Drawings, Plans, and Tracings

By Waterhouse

The Gases of the Blood

By John Gray McKendrick

The Needle Bath

Yeast: Its Morphology and Culture

By A. Gordon Salamon

The Weather Plant

Russian Performing Wolves at the Winter Circus

Origin of the Domestication of the Horse

By Rush Shippen Huidekoper

Notes on Essential Oils

A New Method of Chemical Analysis in which Capillary Attraction Plays an Important Part

By Charles W. Phillips

Building Plans and Specifications

Useful Engineering Books


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    Patents- January 5, 1889

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