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Decisions Relating to Patents

The Pekin Observatory

Explosion of a Mountain in Japan

The Astronomical Observatory at Pekin

How the World Appears To The Lower Animals

The Sho-Bandai-San Eruption

The Harbor Seal

Phoca Vitulina

By Manasseh Smith

Yeast: Its Morphology and Culture

By A. Gordon Salamon

Kauri Gum Industry

English Castings for America

Auction Sale of the Great Eastern

Radii of Curvature Geometrically Determined

IX.—The Parabola

By C. W. MacCord

The Sibley College of Mechanical Engineering and the Mechanic Arts

Hansen's Milk Separator

A 10,000 Volt Transformer

Microscopic Photography at the Algiers Zoological Station

The Gases of the Blood

By John Gray McKendrick

Magnetic Separator

Air Treatment and Water Treatment

Human Decadence

By H. D. Champlin

1.—Some Modifications of the Methods of Organic Analysis by Combustion

By Wm. L. Dudley

Analysis of some Southern Fruits with Reference to their Food Values

By Charles L. Parsons

Building Plans and Specifications

Useful Engineering Books

Notes on Essential Oils


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