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Traction of Boats by Cable

The American Institute of Mining Engineers

An Experimental Lecture on Flame and Smoke

By Fletcher


Color Sensitive Collodion Emulsion Equal in Rapidity to Gelatine Plates

Influence of Water upon Wool

Improvements in Limekilns

Improved Gas Producer

Photographic Engraving on Glass, and other Applications of Fluorine in Photography

By P. C. Duchochois

The Telephone, the Microphone, and the Gramophone

By Das Telephon

Electric Welding

Sir David Salomons' Resistance Governor

An Inexpensive Cell for Galvanism

By A. H. Buckmaster

Electric Water Level Indicator and Recorder

Electric Traction at the Stassfurth Mines

The Influence of the Discovery of Cocaine upon Ophthalmic Surgery

Report on the Examination of Lightning Conductors

By Gustav Frisch

The Gases of the Blood

By John Gray McKendrick

A Few Hints about Drainage

By F. W. Chandler

Yeast: Its Morphology and Culture

By A. Gordon Salamon

Exposure of M. Pasteur's Methods

Yucatan the Cradle of Man

On the Decomposition of Acetone with Bleaching Powder

By W. R. Orndorff and H. Jessel

The Indian Basket

Building Plans and Specifications

Excretion of Sulphuric Acid

On the Influence of Light upon the Explosion of Nitrogen Iodide

Useful Engineering Books


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January 26, 1889