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The Canadian Pacific Railway

By Thomas C. Keefer

The A. J. Hartford Steel Railway Tie

New System of Towing

Progress of our New Navy

Automatic Registering Dynamometer

The Compressed Air Company of Paris

Improved Gas Engine and Pump

The First Chinese Railway—China, Tientsin, and Kaiping Railway

Machine for Branding Wood

Improved Ice-Making Machine

An Improved Blow Pipe

Electricity, Light, and Heat

By C. F. Brackett

Yeast: Its Morphology and Culture

Lecture III—Continued

By A. Gordon Salamon

Dairy Schools and “Working Dairies”

By J. S. Woodward

Useful Engineering Books

Building Plans and Specifications

Professor Rudolf Julius Emanuel Clausius


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    Patents- February 9, 1889

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