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Australian Progress—Melbourne

An Aid to Community Life

Base Ball

Steam Jet Phenomena

Clinical Study of Bacteria

By A. Clifford Mercer

An Early Railway

Improvement of the Port of Havre

A Theory of the Straight Stack

Steel Cross Ties for the New York Elevated Roads

The Original Bicycle

The Philadelphia Carpet Industry

The Manufacture of Nitro-Glycerine

Cold Prepared Extracts

Manufacture of Chloride of Lime

By R. Hasenclever

Machine for Compressing Coal Dust

Extraction of Gold from Ores

By T. R. Jordan

Electric Traction on Tramway and by Accumulators

Battery Cells made of Paper


By Rush Shipped Huidekopek

James Joseph Sylvester

John Dalton

The Sounding Rocks of Guildo

The Artesian Well at City Park, Davenport, Iowa

By A. S. Tiffany

The Origin of Petroleum

The Economic uses of Flowers

By P. L. Simmonds

Building Plans and Specifications

Useful Engineering Books


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    April 13, 1889