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Arc Lamps and their Mechanism

By Silvanus P. Thompson

The Fritsche Wheel Dynamo

Intercalating Apparatus for Portable Incandescent Lamps

Siemens' Recording Apparatus for Compact Morse Writing

Acoustic Signaling Apparatus

Advantages of Oil as Fuel

By C. N. Ransom

Salt from Sea Water

By George P. Merrill

The Use of Divi-Divi in Tanning Leather

By E. G. Thorpe

Industrial Applications of Oxygen

Bisulphide of Carbon: Its Manufacture and Purification

By Ignatius Singkr

Manufacture of Sodium Bicarbonate

Manufacture of Sodium, Potassium, and Metals of the Alkaline Earths

Improvement in the Production of White Lead

Process for Obtaining Alloys of Aluminum, and Particularly Aluminum Bronze

The Law and Photography

By Morris Cooper

Production of Chlorine

Alternative Designs for First Class Battle Ships

Light- Reflected from Magnets

The Tunneling of Seleucia, Syria

A Glass of Water

By A. L. Kean and E. O. Jordan

The Meconium of Butterflies

An Esskimo Strike-A-Light from Cape Bathurst

By Walter Hough

The Pampas Plume Industry

By Joseph Sexton

Resorcin in Whooping Cough

Building Plans and Specifications

Useful Engineering Books


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    Patents- April 20, 1889

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