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New Treatment of Ataxia

On the use of Tobacco

By Francke H. Bosworth

Traumatic Epilepsy Successfully Treated by Trephining

Assistant Surgeon to the Manchester Royal Inlirmary and Surgeon to the Clinical Hospital for Women and Children

By F. A. Southam

Removal of Tattoo Marks

Composite Gearing

Involute and Epicycloidal Systems Combined

By C. W. MacCord

Paris Exposition-Elevators at the Eiffel Tower

The Bernier Hot Air Engine

Shaping Sheet Metal by Fluid Pressure

Sulphuric Acid

The Discharge of a Leyden Jar

By Oliver J. Lodge

”Platino-Uranotype“and “Mercuro-Uranotype,” Two New Uranium Printing Processes

Arc Lamps and their Mechanism

By Silvanus P. Thompson

Candle Lamp

By J. Martin

Polarized Light

A Spectroscope with Fluid Prism

By A. F. Miller

Galileo and the Microscope

Optical Phenomena of the Atmosphere

Halos and Mock Suns

The Loss of Nitrogen Caused by Working and Aerating the Soil

The “Sturmer” Chess Board and Magic Squares

By Edwin Sturmer

Natural Gas in Louisville, Ky

Useful Engineering Books

Building Plans and Specifications

Nickel and Cobalt

Separation of Oxygen from the Atmosphere

By H. N. Warren


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    April 27, 1889

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