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H. M. S. Edinburgh

Brake Trials in Germany

The Water Supply for New York City

By R. D.A. Parrott

Hudson's Bay Railroad

Resistance of Peanut Oil

On Wool and Fur, their Origin, Structure, Chemical and Physical Properties, and Composition

By Watson Smith

The Silvertown Dynamo

Photo-Lithographic Transfers

By W. T. Wilkinson

Principle of Force and Demonstration of the Existence of the Atom

By Hudson Maxim

Science at Breakfast

By John Michels


Canes and Sticks used in the Manufacture of Walking Sticks, Umbrella Handles, Etc.

By J. R. Jackson

A Nectarine Tree Changing into a Peach Tree

How Rain is Formed

By H. F. Blanford

Building Plans and Specifications

Useful Engineering Books


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May 11, 1889

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