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Plant and Material of the Panama Canal

By William Plumb Williams

Improved Steam Inspection Car

Rapid Transit for Chicago

Ramie or Rheea Fiber Cleaning Machinery

Improved Sectional Warping Machine

New Apparatus for the Concentration of Extracts in Vacuo

By L. A. Adrian

Improved Wood Pulp Digester

The Wells Light

The Development of Gelatino-Bromide Lantern Plates

Electric Wiring of Buildings

By J. D. F. Andrews

A Miniature Steel Works

Zenobe Gramme

A New Photometer

The Electric Light at the Paris Exhibition

Gymnemic Acid

By David Hooper

Yorkshire Grease

By George H. Hurst

The Relation of Fertilizers to Fruits

By Peter T. Austen

The Cape Buffalo

The Subterranean Water of the Oued Rir'

Building Plans and Specifications

Opening of a Pyramid

Useful Engineering Books


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May 25, 1889

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism