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Decisions Relating to Patents

The Terrestrial Globe at the Paris Exposition

The Great Deserts of the Earth

By Joseph F. James

Otto Patent Wire Ropeway

Some of the Big Things now Accomplished by the Manufacturers of Iron and Steel

Power Test of the Daft Electric Railway at Asbury Park, N.J

By F. E. Idell

Note on the Momentum of Steam in Steam Pipes

By J. E. Denton

Simple Arc Lamp

Steam Suction Blast and Still

Instruments for Drawing Curves

No. Iv.—The Sinusoid, or Harmonic Curve

By C. W. MacCord

The Old Oaken Bucket

A Conference of Representatives of American Powers

Apparatus to Illustrate the Influence of Pressure on the Volatilizing Point of Ice, and other Phenomena

By Sydney Young

Zeiss' Apochromatic Objectives

By Otto Zacharias

How Deaf-Mutes are Taught to Speak

Odoriferous Insects

The Gathering of Plants for the Herbarium

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Useful Engineering Books

Walking Epilepsy

Building Plans and Specifications


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