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The Paris Exhibition—Hotchkiss Ordnance

Coaling of War Ships

The 2,000 Ton Cruisers

The New Port of Calais

High Speed on Meridional Railways

Decomposition of Stones

By G. W. Hawes

The American Paper Bag Machine at the Paris Exhibition

Structural Strength of Sea-Going Torpedo Boat No. 1

On the Cause of the Accumulation of “Black Paste” in Steam Chests and Cylinders

By J. E. Denton

Instruments for Drawing Curves

By C. W. MacCord

Edison's New Phonograph

William Tempel

By G. V. Schiaparelli

New Electric Launch

Gaston Plante

Electrical Smelting and Production of Aluminum

By William Boby

On Allotropic Forms of Silver

By M. Carey Lea

Process for Hardening Plaster of Paris

The Mysterious Ball

The x+y Problem

The Wave Length of Light as a Practicable and a Feasible Standard of Length

By A. A. Michaelson and E. W. Morley

The Wagon Wheel Question

The Squirrel Question

Notes on the Production of Maple Sugar


Prevention of Consumption

Building Plans and Specifications

Composition of a Brick from the Brick Yard of S. P. Crafts, at Quinnipiac, Three Miles North of New Haven, Conn

By O. H. Drake

The Voltaic Current obtained with Bismuth in a Magnetic Field


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July 13, 1889

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