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The Paris Exhibition—Electricity on the Eiffel Tower

The Phonopore

Sibley College Lectures.—1888-89

By the Cornell University Non-Resident Lecturers in Mechanical Engineering

By Frank J. Sprague

Recent Developments in High Explosives

By Perry F. Nursey

Speed of Passenger Trains in the United States

Improved Water Distilling Apparatus

Charles George Gordon

Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach

Exhibits at the Royal Society


The Action of Light on Water Colors

Experiments on Center of Gravity

The Races at Paris

Exercise without Apparatus— Instruction of Recruits

Reading as a means of Teaching Language to the Deaf

The Collection and Preservation of Plants

The Elmore Copper Process

Darwin versus Lamarck

Useful Engineering Books

Artificial Arabin

Building Plans and Specifications

Metallic Manganese

By Bullock



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    July 27, 1889