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The Defense of Gibraltar: Experimental Naval and Military Operations

Gibraltar and Neighborhood

Report by Consul Sprague

Clark's Gyroscopic Torpedoes

The Franz Josef I., New War Ship

The First Steamboat on the Seine

The Electric Motor Tests on the New York Elevated Railroad

Magnetism in its Relation to Induced Electromotive Force and Current

By Elihu Thomson

Electric Lighting at the Paris Exhibition—The Oerlikon Works

The Ader Flourish of Trumpets

Notes on Dyewood Extracts and Similar Preparations

By Louis Siebold

Orthochromatic Photography

By Oscar O. Litzkow

Platinotype Printing

On Allotropic Forms of Silver

By M. Carey Lea

Turpentine and its Products

By Edward Davies

On the Occurrence of Paraffine in Crude Petroleum

Pear Duchesse D'angouleme

Transmission of Pressure in Fluids

By Albert B. Porter

Succession of Forest Growths

Ancient Lake Dwellings

The “Hatchery” of the Sun-Fish

How to raise Turkeys

Water as a Therapeutical Agent

By F. C. Robinson

Acetic Acid as a Disinfectant

On the Health Value to Man of the So-Called Divinely Beneficent Gift, Tobacco

By J. M. W. Kitchen

Development of the Embryo

Counter-Irritation in Whooping Cough

By G. F. Inglott

Building Plans and Specifications

Iridescent Crystals

By Lord Rayleigh

Useful Engineering Books


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August 17, 1889

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