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The Plague of Crickets in Algeria

On the Mental Faculties of Anthropopithecus Calvus

Ethnology of the Coast Indian Tribes of Alaska

By Ensign A. P. Niblack

Remarkable Discoveries in Egypt

The Planet Uranus


A Hydrostatic Balance

The Railways of India

The English Engine on the Pennsylvania Railway

Bleaching of Woolen Rags

By A. Horwitz

New Prussian Blue

On the Limit between Polarization and Electrolysis

By M. H. Pellat

Telephonic Vibrations

Constant Current versus Constant Potential Electric Motors

Bleaching of Jute

By Oscar Meesters

On Warp Weaving and Knitting, without Weft

By Arthur Paget

Alloys of Nickel and Steel

By James Riley

Condensation of Carbon Particles in Smoke

By R. Irvine

The Libby Composite Bars

Aluminum and its Extraction on a Commercial Basis

By F. J. Seymour

Industrial Applications of Thermo-Chemistry

By Samuel Rideal

Brin's Oxygen Works

Building Plans and Specifications

Spontaneous Ignition

Useful Engineering Books

Oxalic Fermentation


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    Patents- August 24, 1889

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