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Cognac and its Working Classes

Report of Consul Earle

The Krupp Monument in Essen

On the Observation of Sudden Phenomena

By S. P. Langley

The Sorbonne, Paris

Wire Cables

How Salt is Made

The New Buildings of the Sorbonne, Paris

Members of the Royal Society

Armor Plate

Tractive Power of Locomotives

Detection of Mercury in Minerals

By Alexander Johnstone

Improved Rollers

Determination of the Thickness of Cover Glasses on Mounted Microscope Slides

Cable Telegraphy

By Patrick Bernard Delany

Electro-Dynamic Repulsions and Rotations

The Dwarf Trees of Japan

The Sugar Cane Disease

A Petrified Forest in Arizona

On the Occurrence of Paraffin in Crude Petroleum

By E. A. Partridge

Hydroquinone as a Developing Agent

By J. Wilson Swan

Saccharification by means of Diastase

Improvements in the Manufacture of Starch, Dextrin, and Grape Sugar

Absorption of Hydrogen by Metals

Building Plans and Specifications

Crystalline Tanghinine from the Tanghinia Venenifera of Madagascar

By M. Arnaud

The Terrestrial Origin of the Oxygen Rays in the Solar Spectrum

By J. Janssen

Useful Engineering Books


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September 07, 1889

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