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The Canet Torpedo Discharge Tubes

On Gas Engines

The Simplex Engine

By Edward Delamare-Deboutteville

Compound Locomotives

The Ten Ton Electric Traveling Cranes at the Paris Exhibition

A Simple Electrical Apparatus

Fusible Plugs

The Dynamo

The Electrolysis of Distilled Water

By M. E. Duter

Protective Paints

Drying Plant for Wet Feed

By S. E. Worrell

A System of Marking Patterns, Tried in the Shop — With some Remarks upon Economy as Viewed in the Pattern

By A. J. Frith

Silicon in Pig Iron

By Clemens Jones

Optical Torque

By Silvanus P. Thompson

The Solar Surface during the Last Ten Years

By S. J. Perry

Joseph Wade, Centenarian

Arsenic as a Poison and a Medicine

The Germans in East Africa

Sewage Works for Large and small Towns

The Kingston Sewage Works

A Short Account of the Opium Industry in the N. W. Provinces and Oudh

By P. A. Weir

On the Intentional Importation of Parasites and Natural Enemies of Insects Injurious to Vegetation

By C. V. Riley

Thiocamf—A New Disinfectant Material

By J. Emerson Reynolds

Building Plans and Specifications

Useful Engineering Books

Vegetable Skatole

By Wyndham R. Dunstan


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    Patents- September 21, 1893

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