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The Gun

The Hiram Maxim Gun

The Mersey Tunnel Railway

Bull Rock Lighthouse, South Coast of Ireland

Notes on Explosives

By C. Napier Hake


Machine for Decorticating Ramie

Screws at the Paris Exhibition

On M. H. Hertz's Experiments

By M. Joubert

Public Experiments in Eleotricity

A Summary of the Difference between Positive and Negative Electricity

The Effect of Light on Matter

By W. De W. Abney

The Nature of Solutions

By S. U. Pickering

Colloidal Cellulose

Pasteurization of Fermentable Liquids

The Isle of Wight

The Mysterious Watch

Two American Institutions

I.—The Smithsonian Institution

Spontaneous Human Combustion

By G. Archie Stockwell

Building Plans and Specifications

Poisoning by Cotton Dyed with Lead Chromate

By T. H. Weyl

Useful Engineering Books


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    Patents- October 5, 1889

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