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Italian War Ships

Raising of the British Man-of-War Sultan

A New Pneumatic Gun

The Gun

Baldwin Locomotive No. 10,000

Elevating Platform Ferry Steamer

Bleaching during Electrolysis

By H. N. Warren

Machine for Breaking Flax

Smokeless Powder

The Teredo in South Africa

Zigang's Polyphone

A New Electro Dynamics

By John Lowe

Review of Theories of Electrical Action

By H. S. Carhart

The Striking of the Eiffel Tower by Lightning

By M. Mascart

Electric Motors

A Glance at the French Exhibition

International Convention of Firemen at Paris

The Journals of the World

Sarah Heath, Centenarian

The Barcelona Captive Balloon

Our Sensations of Motion

Pure Chlorophyl

The Concentration of Ammoniacal Liquor

Rapid Filtration

By Reginald A. Fessenden

Building Plans and Specifications

Useful Engineering Books


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    Patents- October 12, 1889

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