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H. M. S. Collingwood

The Dynamite Guns of the Vesuvius

Torpedo Boats Crossing the Atlantic

English and American Railways Compared

By Edward Bates Dorsey

The Standard Axle for 60,000 LB. Cars

The Canet Barbette Turret

The Channel Bridge—Preliminary Designs

By Schneider and H. Hersent

On Eikonogen, a New Photographic Developer

By G. D. Liveing

Alumino-Ferric Cake

Its Composition and Use for Sizing Paper

Mica—Some of its Uses

Duveau's Speed Register

The Zipernowsky Electrostatic Electromotor

The Paris Exhibition


By William Turner

Wonders of Nature—The Poetry of Geology

By T. Dewitt Talmage

Building Plans and Specifications

The Amines Process for Sewage

Useful Engineering Books


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November 09, 1889

Confronting Common Wisdom