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Apparatus for Providing a Steady Platform for Guns, Search Lights, Telescopes, Etc.

H. M. S. Victoria

The Birmingham Compressed Air Power Supply

The Production of the Alloys of Aluminum and Silicon in the Electric Furnace (Cowles' Process)

By J. H. J. Dagger

Improved Refrigerating Machinery

Filtering Arrangement

By C. R. Gyzander

The Manufacture of Rubber Clothing

Painting in Sand

The Pavilion of Paraguay at the French Exposition

The Construction of Balloons

By Carl E. Myers

The Highest Chimney in the World

The Method of Quarter Squares

Magnesium as a Reagent

By H. N. Warren

A Trip through the Sewer in Hamburg

International Placards at the Exposition

Instruments for Measuring Radiant Heat

Lecture II.

By O. V. Boys

Atmospheric Electricity

Constant Focus and Depth of Focus in Photographic Lenses

By William A. Cheyney

Glacial Geology

By James Geikie

Building Plans and Specifications


Useful Engineering Books


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November 30, 1889

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism