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Delagoa Bay

The United States Exhibition of 1892

An Artist without Arms

Hot Air Helices

Electricity of the Body

Electric Subways and Cables in Paris

The Paris Exhibition — The Central Station of the Compagnie Continentale Edison

The Electrification of a Steam Jet

Electrical Engineering in America

Causes of Insufficient Strength in Woolen Goods

By K. L.

Improved Decorticating Machine

The Victorian Traveling Dairy

The Chemistry of Glass

By Gustav Gehring

Clouds and Cloud Waters

Notes on Comets

The Great Nebula in Andromeda

On the Spectrum of &zgr; Ursæ Majoris

By Edward C. Pickering

How the Cetacea Nurse their Young

Analyses of the Seed of Calycanthus Glaucus

By H. W. Wiley

Iron and Alumina in Phosphates

By E. Glaser

The Aseptic Appliances at the Hotel Dieu in Lyons

Abscess of the Antrum

Building Plans and Specifications

Effect upon the Human Body of a Diet Consisting Entirely of Lean Meat and Water

By J. W. Good


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    February 15, 1890

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