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The Loa Viaduct, the Highest in the World

The New Croton Aqueduct, New York

Tunnel under the River Clyde at Glasgow

Electricity in the Dwelling

By E. Percival Allam

Experiment in Magnetization

Blue, Violet, Red, and Green Prints

The Stocher-Sedlaczek Arc Lamp

An Electrical Contact Thermometer

Influence of the Process of Cooling upon the Optical Properties of Glass and the Production of Pressed Lenses in a thoroughly Annealed State

[A communication from the Glastechnisches Labora-torium of Schott & Gen. in Jena.]

Joya's System of Heat Radiators

Machine for Covering Electric Cables with Rubber

Mass and Motion

By Henry A. Mott

On the Chemical Constituents and Poisonous Principle of the Bark of Robinia Pseudacacia, Linn

(Common Locust or False Acacia.)

By Frederick B. Power and Jacob Cambier

A Simple Apparatus for Generating Oxygen Gas

Substitute for Kipp's Apparatus

A New Form of Siemens Furnace

By John Head

Heat Dilatation of Metals from Low Temperatures

By Thomas Andrews

High Altitudes of Southern California

By Walter Lindley

Notes on a Recent Volcanic Island in the Pacific


Protection against the Striped Cucumber Beetle

Building Plans and Specifications

On the Rotation of Mercury


Recent Observations of Jupiter

Useful Engineering Books


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