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The Laying of Submarine Cables

By Herbert Laws Webb

Thomas Alva Edison

Electric Oscillations in Rarefied Air, without Electrodes

By James Moser

Miners' Electric Lamp

The Fiske Position Indicator

The Protection of Chimney Shafts from Lightning

By C Molyneux and J.M. Wood

Drying in Vacuo

By Emil Passburg

The Lincoln, Neb., Paving Brick Works

Notes on a New Compound Steam Turbine

A New Ice Machine

Differential Pyrometer

The Cheshire Salt Works

A Machine Camera Taking Ten Photographs a Second

Nebular Hypothesis

The Vibratory Motions of Rails

Thirty-Five Ton Accident and Construction Crane

A Steam Tricycle

High Speed in Ocean Steamers

By B Schieldrap

On the Formation of Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Nitrous Acid as Products of Combustion, and on their Presence in the air


By Raphael Meldola

Sulphureted Hydrogen Generator

By W. Oakes Kibble

Hydrogen Lamp

Building Plans and Specifications

Infantile Diarrhea

Treatment of Dandruff

Useful Engineering Books


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April 19, 1890

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